Mas Monell

Rural and food tourism

Codornices en vinagreta

Pollo de granja con fredolics

Alubias de Santa Pau con calamarcitos

Ensalada de espinacas y agridulce de setas

Vitelo tonnato


Ensalada de espinacas y girgolas





I´m the responsable person to take care of you during the breakfasts and dinners. Well, me Victor, I come from a family linked to the world of gastronomy for 3 generations.
Some of you already knew personally the Restaurants of the family: The satellite,La Dida, and La Granja de Santander, all located in Barcelona.
With this good foundation for the kitchen and my passion for travelling, my menus often wander through the World.
Moreover, the years and maturity have taught me how important it is to be aware of what and how we eat, so I try to use products produced in the proximity and / or produced by small farms in the area.
In addition, Mas Monell is located in the center of a region where we can find excellent products.
Even I have dared to initiate me into the organic garden with what you can taste freshly picked lettuces.
With such good ingredients and lovingly, we began this culinary journey, while trying to maintain a balanced diet.
We alternated menus with meat, fish and vegetarian. Healthy,but not boring… I love to surprise you!

Here you can see some of the dishes we made.


-Spinach salad and sour mushrooms and pine nuts.
-Melon and watermelon salad with dill.
-Pumpkin-Cream with their pipes and black olive oil.
-Thai shrimp soup.
-Quiche-season vegetables and goat cheese.
-Miso soup with tofu and seaweed.
-World's assorted vegetable pates: guacamole, hummus, babagamush, pate of nettles and feta.
-Tomato-orange soup flavored with basil.
-Watermelon soup and prawns with ginger.
-Fresh pasta with gorgonzola and pears.
-Grilled asparagus topped with tender garlic mouselina.
-Cream of Jerusalem artichokes, truffled.
-Mojito avocado and prawns with ginger.
-Quiche of onions and chesse at Ras el hanout.
-Arugula, pear and parmesan salad.


-Noodle-arrosejat cuttlefish and prawns.
-Crispy polenta with ratatouille devilish (spicy).
-Fish fillets (depending on market) Thailand's style.
-Tail of monkfish with vegetables and oyster sauce.
-Duroc-Dam "teriyaki" with braised vegetables.
-Ileychiken "picanton" flavored with Sichuan pepper.
-Loin with almond sauce and basmati rice.
-Tallinn lamb, like in Marrakesh.
-Vitelo tonnato. round of veal with tuna sauce and capers.
-Entrama veal with sage butter.
-Chicken Farm "Marie Christine"
-Cannelloni sausages-the Garrotxa and apple.
-Fresh pasta with smoked salmon and Jabugo ham.


-Homemade chocolate tart with macadamian´s nuts.
-Banana "Tica" style.
-Cheese mousse and red fruit coulis.
-Apple pie with vanilla ice cream.
-Oranges Carpaccio with Parmesan nougat.
-Fresh fruits salad with lemon verbena tea.
-Apple and pear´s cake with custard.

These dishes are a sample of what we can prepare in the standard menu of the house (20 € all included: water, wine, coffee and liqueurs). Other menus can be prepared according to the budget of the group.

Risotto de rebozuelos y langostinos con leche de coco.

Ensalada de judias verdes y salmon con vinagreta de sesamo

Tarta de chocolate y violetas

Secreto Iberico con mantequilla de finas hierbas

Tarta de tomate y albahaca

Ensalada de habitas y jamon a la menta

Rossejat de fideos con esparragos verdes y mouselina de ajos tiernos